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  • We Connect the <span class='orange'>Best Schools</span> with <span class='orange'>Aspiring Students</span><br /><span class='subheader'>At One on One we introduce aspiring students to the schools and resources they need to achieve their educational and career goals.</span>

    We Connect the Best Schools with Aspiring Students
    At One on One we introduce aspiring students to the schools and resources they need to achieve their educational and career goals.


Marketers. Technologists. Advisors. We use our marketing savvy, our technical smarts, and our team of dedicated education representatives to provide our clients with exceptional results. We love helping people discover their professional interests and earn the college degree they need to start a new career or advance in their current profession.

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Discover. Learn. Contribute. We believe in the importance of helping prospective students discover their interests, embrace the value of an education, and contribute in their chosen career. Our technologies, products, and services connect aspiring students to schools, degree programs, and certifications that provide access to exciting, fast-growing jobs of tomorrow.

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Identify. Inform. Connect. We build strong relationships with our clients and seek to understand how we can most effectively work together. We’ve developed proprietary technologies and processes that help us identify aspiring students, inform them of their educational and career options, and put them in contact with schools that can meet their needs.

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