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2013 August

The latest from the greatest.

30 Aug


Summer Inter-Company Soccer League

August 30, 2013 | By |

Soccer 4We’re a talented bunch at One on One. We’ve been blessed with abilities to help people go back to school, solve a Rubics Cube in less than a minute, speak three languages fluently, beat weaker opponents at handstand push-ups, roll tongues 180 degrees, and gross people out with double-jointed thumbs (100% truth). But this summer, 18 of us channeled our inner David Beckham on the Real Salt Lake practice field, and showed off our soccer-playing talent. Read More

27 Aug


1on1 Summer Family Party 2013

August 27, 2013 | By |

Bounce house

Here in Utah, we have to celebrate the warm weather while Mother Nature sees fit to bestow it upon us. And at the annual One on One Summer Party, celebrate we did.

Sure, it was warm on this particular Friday. But a few hours before go-time, Ms Nature threw us a swift curve ball. Clouds. Ominous clouds. And wind. But we showed her. Our ready-for-anything employees showed up with their families rarin’ to party One on One style. She saw we wouldn’t fold, and she diverted her route of unhappiness elsewhere. Phew. Read More